Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial

United Methodist Church 


On the exterior walls of the building, high up near the roof, are to be seen various symbolic designs. On the west side, beginning at Main Street, they are as follows: Four fishes caught in a net, signifying God’s care over those who trust Him; the Anchor which is our faith in His Word; the Bible, and finally the Peacock, which is the symbol of immortality. On the east side, beginning at Main Street, they are as follows: Two fish, for as the draught of fishes on the west side shows his miraculous power able to supply all our needs, these show his daily provision; the Crown; the Ark which from the days of the Roman Catacombs has pictured the Church as able to ride through all periods of persecution, and the Lamp which is the light of His Word. In the panels between the two portions of the front window on Main Street are found cut in the stone the Star of Bethlehem, the Carpenter’s tools (for Christ was a carpenter), the Lilly and the Palm, symbols of purity and triumph, the Crown of Thorns and the Cross.






  Peacock ~ Symbol of Immorality   Four Fishes Caught in a Net

Noah's Ark  

  Holy Bible

                                             Crown    Lamp